I despise recording. I always think that something is wrong or a root doesn't' have the exact same duration as the root before it. Is that just being a perfectionist or does that happen to everyone? When I play live I don't worry as much and I usually experiment more and add more fills. Does anybody actually prefer recording to playing live?

Record to sound like you're playing live, and play live to sound like your recording (your physical recording, not 'you're recording'). That is, record like you're playing a live show, and play live to sound like your CD.

When you solo instruments and tracks, yeah, you can get a bit perfectionishy. But, together, the mix will obscure the inconsistancies. Believe me - you'll play more accurately in a studio than live. If you were to solo the tracks of a live recording, you'd go nuts.
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Just to build on Fitz, I'm also going to say record as if it were a live Gig.
One thing I will NEVER be able to understand, tolerate, stomach, is bands who spend hours tracking instruments to a standard thats not realistic, then going to play the song live and look like a gimp because they can't measure up to the recording. Examples of this include Fall Out Boy.

So just be natural, throw fills in, as Fitzy said, once everything is mixed in, that harmonic that rang out on when you graced past the 5th fret to triplet that 7th for a sweet fill will be oh but a distant memory.

Fact of the matter is, I know at least for me, When I hit the studio in the coming months, that my bass fills and the like will be so spontaneous and random that the recording will NEVER sound as I play our songs live. Keep it interesting, no?

An alternative, just stick to being unjarringly simple by your standard for the recording process, so that when you come to play the song live, people will be raped, pillaged and amazed by your sweet bass skills
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^ I'm different than that. I know live I feel almost like I'm covering a song I wrote, where I'm not afraid to take chances on it and do more experimental things and learn what I want to do with it until I'm sure after playing it 1000 times its taken in the direction I want to take it.

In the "studio" (ie a friend's basement with my 16 track recorder and a couple mics), I know I simplify the amout of fills I do and usually even plan out which fill I do (well, maybe not, but have a general idea of what I want to do & where.)

But it's not like live we're Rush who does 0 improv or Rage Against the Machine who's riff sequences are completely on rails.
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