Hey all!!!!
Just got done recording another version of me playing scarified. This time I mic'd my Peavey XXX 212 combo with a Shure SM57, and played with the backing track. Sound quality greatly improved!!. Ive been playing for 2 years or so. Made a few mistakes and my timing was wrong at the beginning of the solo, but oh well. I think it turned out very well. Let me know what you think! Rating/subscribing on youtube would be greatly appreciated. From now on all of my videos will be recorded using the mic. Thanks so much.
I commented and rated the vid. I liked your cover! You missed on the beginning but everything was really clean and sounded good. Keep it up!
Heya, just watched your vid and its quite impressive for only playing 2 years. Your vibrato on the intro is spot on and the string skipping can be quite difficult after all it is paul gilbert. Only things i would recommend is to practice some of the faster alternate picking bits a little more, but everything was very clean. Good job! Keep rockin
Really impressive stuff, hard to beleive you've been playing 2 years only....I see in your profile canon rock was recorded when you were playing less than 1 year, either you're lying or your a living GOD, LOL. But i liked the scarified cover very much, some bits were a little off timing wise and some bends weren't quite there but it was good ****, keep it up.
Thank you all for your comments! Keep 'em comin! Hahaha. no I'm not lying about how long i've been playing. If you want proof on how long, check out the account on youtube Ibanez2121. I have a really crappy video of me playing after 6 months. hahaha.
Oh I remember your other video of Scarified!
Heh this one is much better. (Not that the other one was bad!)

I might put a cover up myself soon, i've only been playing for two years too.