Poll: Am I too picky about picks?
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I've been searching around for picks. My local music store doesn't have any picks that I like and I've even asked people on this website. They say I am too picky about my picks. What do I want in a pick? Good attack, quick release, and a clear tone.

Generally, Jazz III picks would be the perfect answer. However, I've tried those. They didn't really work for me because I can't hold on to them and the angle is too wrong for me. Sorry, it's difficult to explain and I really can't explain it much better since I can't post up pictures...my camera broke...

So, am I too picky? Even if I am, I would like some suggestions about what would be a good pick for me.
You tried the really small jazz IIIs right? I'm pretty sure they make another version of them thats the size of a normal pick. Maybe that will solve your problem of being able to hold onto them. I understand where you are coming from though. I went through a time where I kept trying different picks. I finally settled on some though.
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Maybe the 1mm dunlop nylon picks?
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i dont know if this would help, but try holding your pick differently. i hold my picks so that one of the more rounded edges is hitting the string. i also use yellow dunlop tortex picks
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fender mediums ftw. but yeah it's not that big of a deal that u are picky about picks. it's all personal preference and what you like best
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I never felt super comfortable with Jazz III either. I've been using these for years as they are smaller than regular picks, but not quite as small as jazz III's, plus they have an abrasive grip that makes them easy to hold on to. Elderly Instruments has them online.

you are a little picky but you chose your guitar, your amp, your strings and fx so why not get the perfect pick too...

i know everyone rates the jazz III picks round here but i cant get on with them either. i prefer the tortex ones the same size and shape. the material the jazz III is made of just doesnt cut it for me...

find one you like and buy loads... no bother.
Thank you please.
Do a search on eBay for “Herdim” picks. There’s 1 pic on there for, wait for it…………….., £125.00. Very rare, has company logo, much sot after.
Herdim picks have a very very distinctive sound and might be what you’re looking for. Now, what famous guitarist uses these little fellas?
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Only picks i really like to play with are 1.5mm Dunlop Tortex - the purple ones! They have good grip, thinner ones do too if thats what you like.
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Get some sturdy, standard picks and a good Nail Filer and experiment. I file down all my picks and it works great.
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Picks are like strings once you find the right ones you want to keep using them. Some dont care and use whatever pick they have laying around. Or can use the same pick for weeks. I use the green fenders but never seen a store that didnt carry them.
I just use whatever pick is laying around. I prefer thicker picks, but if you're any good at guitar, you should be able to play with ANY pick . In answer to your question, yes you are too picky IMO, but I do wish you luck finding what works best for you, though. We all want the perfect tone & feel.
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The guitarist from Necrophagist uses really sharp picks, so I decided to give it a go by taking a file to one of my dunlop tortex purples (I think they're 1.14mm). I noticed much less pick noise, and it felt a little more free on account of less contact with the strings. You could do this with any pick, but a thicker pick is less likely to get worn down I suppose.
I find myself in the same situation as you my friend, but trust me, it just means that you're a tone nazi... Sorry for your DIagnosis but that means you will be nothing but the pickiest SOB about everything i your rig forever. Some people grow out of it, many don't like me....

It's not a bad thing, and it's not anything you should apologize for many people don't really pay attention to their picking other than learning alternate. Many people forget the fact that everything you do contributes to you overall tone, attack, release, sustain, EVERYTHING that is your sound. The tone really is in your hands.
Many people complain that a thicker pick leads to more pick noise because they don't know how to use a thicker pick. take a 1.14 mm for instance....
it's sturdier, and transfers more force into the string on contact that does a thinner pick so you need to use less of the tip to contact the string. Even well respected guitarists overlook this simple fact. Dweezil zappa even commented that he never thought of it before someone mentioned it to him and he was pleased with his tone as soon as he changed his picks and picking style...

If you're looking for a smoother tone I recommend you try .. god I don't even know the name of them and I use them! They're these Peavey star-tex grip pick with a finger oil absorbent surface that is gray initially but turns black when you touch them cause it soaks up skin oil... GREAT picks, very smooth attack. It reminds me more of High density polyethelyne (nalgene water bottles) than traditional pick material very smooth, eliminates a lot of brittle highs and overtones

Never used one, don't think I want to, but there are those Groove tube power pick attachments, I have no Idea how well they work, but just brainstorming here...

Also, try Dava grip tips, tried one once, and I really liked them take a bit to get used to however.

And finally, What dweezil has gone to using is Red Bear Trading Co. Picks, they're not 125 pounds like our friend up ^ but they are 15$ per pick, but i've heard nothing but rave reviews about them.

So it's just a bit of a hunt, good luck with it, and keep in mind, thicker picks do attack differently than thinner, so only attack with the tip, it takes some getting used to....

A trick that I use is get 1.5 or 1.75 mm pick take a 3/16ths drill bit and drill five holes arranged in a pentagon with one in the middle, in the middle/back end of my pick, tone stays the same, and all control and grip issues are gone. I got the Idea from the red bear Co. picks. Works really well... I tape them together in a stack of five or six shove them in a drill press and hit the 6 marks and I'm set for 6 months.
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