I have a problem with my left hand. Whenever I play on the e-a-d strings up on the neck of my guitar I feel like my hand is getting jammed and it slows me down alot. Standing and sitting equally. Any suggestions to fix this?
if u havent been playing long, then your hand will losen up soon, dont worry its not a big deal, but it could also be that you have your wrist at the wrong angle. it should be easy and comfortable to play. also try and keep your thumb on the middle of the neck it makes it easier.

Edit: low means that your strap is loose and your guitar hangs low
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i think the same happens to me, When I'm playing cowboys from hell by pantera, my hands feel kinda jerky and like they're locking up. I hate that... I've been playing for like a year and a half and when i learned cowboys from hell, the intro went so smoothly... now it's...meh. I've been slowing down on my practicing though. Been really busy with life and what not.
i mean low like your guitar strap is low.
make the guitar higher and it will probably help.
but also you need to practice.
idk i havent even been playing a year, its been like 8 months, but i guess it really depends on how much u practice. i go at it every day and sonetimes i can even go for about 6 hours. the more you play the more it will get easier. now i am able to play many solo's that a month ago i couldnt. youll develope, just practice
2/17/08 Kosova's independence!!!