I Have 2 Pedals I Dug Up In My Closet.

An Ibanez WD-7 Weeping Demon Wah Pedal

And A Danelectro T Bone Distortion Pedal

I Tried To Hook These Both Together By Having

MODDED----------- WD-7-----------------------T bone--------------------------- CRATE GXT 210
GUITAR weeping demon Distortion

That Didnt Work.

So I Switched The Pedals Around Thinking It Would Work Then

But No.

Does The Wah Counteract The Distortion?
Or Does The Distortion Counteract The Wah?
Or Do They Counteract Each Other
Either way it should work, but i think its proper to have the wah before the distort. neither is actually wrong tho
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sounds like one of them is broken. Try each one individually. Could be anything from a battery to completely dead