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16 43%
5 14%
depends on circumstances
16 43%
Voters: 37.
Alright well the question is would you sell out and become a huge band?

i personally would because i dont want to be working at micky ds my whole life
I don't see what's such a big deal. If your band gets big, does that constitute selling out? Or are we talking green day sell out?
If I change my style because I'm interested in that genre, then yes. And if that genre happens to be a popular one, then so be it.
I would.

People flame Slash for being in GH3.
What if Neversoft asked you to be in the game with a 100,000$ deal. Who's the sellout now?
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I don't know.

Why don't you dig up one of the 10000 threads on this subject and see what people have to say?
Oh yeah. In a heartbeat.
major record sellout or extreme popularity, first hell no, second any day of the week
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Yeah. I would get all the money and equipment I need and form a side band to play the music I really want to.

+1. The exact same thing I would do.

EDIT: For me, I would get the money and endorsements and buy me a few Mesa Mark IV's, Roadking's, Lonestar's and a Mark IIC+ and a Triaxis.

Custom guitars from ESP or an independent custom shop, DiMarzio pickups and T Rex for all my pedal needs would also be sweet and then I would suddenly switch my focus to playing the music I want to play to the best of my ability, and with the tightest sound possible, thanks to the money I made from selling out.
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becoming a huge band does not neccessarily mean selling out.
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Well what do you mean by "sell-out"? Like Gene Simmon's sell-out where you make $$$ off of stupid commercial crap or like changing your style/sound sell-out? The first I'd do simply cuz I dont give a s**t who calls me what if I'm freakin driving round in a Lambourgini with 3 hot chicks (in a two seater car). As for changing my music it depends. People do change of course. For instance I used to be into hxc stuff bout a year ago and now I like more alternative. I think its ridiculous for people to expect an artist's music to stay the same forever. But like I said I would only change it if that style didnt suit me anymore.
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i would sell out and become huge names
then return to death metal roots