who here likes the white stripes.
jack is a kick a5s guitarist and songwriter.

and is it crazy im painting my room red with a white stripe in the middle and getting a black rug?
Love. Them.

Also, that room sounds kick ass. I want to see a picture when it's done.
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jack is a bad ass guitar player im not a big fan but from what i heard he has some cool licks and riffs
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Gibsons are pure crap, they're made of plywood and don't even have real pickups. Just sponges with silver paint on them and a small spanish man named Pepé inside squealing.
I'm really surprised there isn't a thread on these guys already...

Surely there is?
I worship The White Stripes and I think that although Meg isnt too good i think it adds. 300 mph torrential outpour blues is the best song in the universe.
I only have Elephant, but I do enjoy much of their work, especially Seven Nation Army and Icky Thump. Jack is a great guitarist even if he is really eccentric, and if you haven't already you should look up his work in The Raconteurs.
you know he keeps meg in the band because of her drumming.
he wants her to sound like a little girl playing drums.
he actually told her not to practice so she would stay the way she did.

and death letter live is the greats song ever.
it made me happy in my pants.