Hey. im havin some trouble with my E string, and i need some help.

I've been having this problem for awhile, but just now thought about gettin around to fix it, because its really making me play lower on the fretboard than i would like to.

Basically, my E-string sounds extremely muddy. everything i play on my E string sounds like muddy poop, while the A-D-G strings sound perfectly bright and puncy and stuff.

Let's say i play a the 5th fret on the A string (D) and then play the Equivalent of that on the E string (10th fret). The D on the A string will sound bright, puncy, and have that J-Bass growl, but on the E string it sounds muddy, and crappy.

Any advice on how to fix this to where i get the same basic tone from my E string as i am from my other strings.

(would i need to move the pickup lower or higher? or is there some other adjustment i can make?)

Thanks for any help.
ive messed with my EQ, the E string is always too bassy.

and i realize that each string wont sound exactly the same, but they should sound similar within moderation.

my problem is, the E string sounds nothing like the rest of the strings.
You could always just try switching out for a new set of strings. It's highly possible you just got a dud E in that set. Its worth a go in any case. And btw, when you start to hit the 10 fret + range, notes do start to mellow out.

EDIT: In reflection, it could also be your pickup height. If the pickup is too close to the string I find it becomes muddy and undefined, for whatever reason that may be (Most likely something to do with harmonic content overload, disallowing the actual tone of the instrument to take effect). I've noticed this only really happens on my E and B strings, with the higher ones it's usually fine. So yeah, try lowering the pups on the bass side slightly.
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yea, it has to be the pups. because....... its been the same through 3 sets of new strings.

once i got my new pups installed i changed the strings to a new set of Fender SuperMediums and it was doing it.

Then i put on some D'Addario flatwounds and it was still doing it.

Then my most recent set, a week old set of Swing 66's (which are going to be my standard string from here on out) its still doing it.

ill mess with the pups 2morrow.

Thanks for the help.