Poll: Do you hate metallica!!??
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8 17%
33 72%
I dont listen to them
3 7%
Whos metallica?
2 4%
Voters: 46.
So thier my favorite band.
I've come to a point where I think....Does anyone here hate them??Like you just hate thier music?
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I don't hate them. I'm just not really a fan of their material.
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at UG its popular to hate metallica, put i personally like them and, OMG, i even liked St. anger!!!
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Hate is a very strong feeling, you know....

But no, I don't feel enmity for them. I like them quite a lot, but there's better bands for me.
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IMHO, Metallica his just a band for starters of metal that are new to it. I think that Metallica doesn'ty deserve all the recognition that they've got because there were many bands that contributed more or the same to thrash just as much as Metallica did. (Metallica was more commercial for the audience.)

I also hate how fan boys treat Metallica like they're bigger than god, when they aren't...
I really don't like them. The only songs of theirs that I like are Nothing Else Matters and No Leaf Clover. And wrong forum, take it to Bands and Artists.
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They just copy Trivium in every aspect.

seriously St.Anger was totally ripped from Trivium
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I agree.

Everybody knows Metallica is nothing compared to Trivium. Metallica is just a carbon copy of them.

Especially when Metallica released that album that was a complete rip-off of Trivium's Master of Puppets.
ive never llistened to their stuff
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My favourite band.

Death Magnetic is going to ****ing be great.