I am really pissed off at my guitar for 2 reasons.

first is i break about 2 strings a week. i play it a lot but nobody else that i know breaks that many strings.

2nd reason is my 1st string is never in tune.

my guitar is an ibanez rg350dx. its about a year old but its taken its fair share of a beating as it is my only electric guitar and i practice about 4 hours a day. i have noticed that the paint has scratched off on the saddles and it is a bit rough.

as for string gauges, i use .09s but i have .10s on at the moment. i just got my guitar restrung on wednesday.

any suggestions? fault in the guitar? fault in my playing? overuse?

oh and did i mention my whammy bar falls out whenever i lean over
Depending on where the strings are breaking, it's most likely a problem with your nut or with your bridge saddles.
The saddles could have burrs on them that are wearing away the metal much faster than normal.
the saddles look quite worn. the paint has come off. that might be it.

i said in my 1st post that i tried changing gauges. all it appeared to do was hurt my fingers...

but what could be causing my 1st string to be un-tunable

and i took my guitar to a technician for the whammy problem and his fiddling just made it worse.
As far as the whammy bar goes.
Try spraying some WD-40 into it.

I doubt it'll help, but have you ever seen the list of uses for WD-40? It's crazy!