Hi there everyone, been trolling the forums for a while now without registering, decided to register today.

Was wondering if anyone had any experience playing : http://www.guitar.co.uk/fender/1615-fender_classic_player_baja_telecaster_electric_guitar

Looking to purchase a new guitar, for around the 300 - almost 600 pound mark, and was looking for some advice really.

Play all sorts, from like low distortion rock, to some metal as well. So if anyone has any recommendations for around that price mark, would be interested too hear them.

The bajas are very nice, their switching system allows for some versatile tones. I love the blonde maple colour, they have very nice wood aswell, I was thoroughly impressed by the one I played. But, that's just me, so I'd suggest watching some vids and playing on one first.
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i was after that guitar for a while because of its switching system, until i tried it out.. it plays ok nothing really to write home about there but the switching system doesnt really deliver a diverse range of tones, they are all quite samey. better off looking at the koa tele or the lite ash with duncans in imo
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