Death Magnetic Song List Track

1.-"That Was Just Your Life"
2.- "The End of the Line"
3.- "Broken, Beat & Scarred"
4.- "The Day That Never Comes"
5.- "All Nightmare Long"
6.- "Cyanide"
7.- "The Unforgiven III"
8.- "The Judas Kiss"
9.- "Suicide & Redemption"
10 "My Apocalypse".

What u guys think?
I believe there's already a thread on this ..

EDIT: Actually there are 4 threads on this , however none is in the Metal Forum
You just posted this in the Metallica thread! You didn't need to make a seperate thread.
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unforgiven 3? really? yikes.. 'eh oh well. imo, all the song titles seems kinda lazy. kinda generic. but maybe its just me. as long as its kinda like old metallica, I can look the other way I suppose.
What the hell were you thinking?

i duno lol. tihs r liek wen i traid drawn maiself n teh t0ilit.



gess i cant dai.
if unforgiven 3 is anything other than awesome, i will be sad

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