Yes, wrong forum, but i couldnt think of an appropriate place to put it, and i will get the most straight-forward answer here. Anyway, my band and i want to do a reworked version of stairway at a fairly big gig. What i would like to know is, how much do we have to change the song so that it doesnt interfere with copyright?

Thanks, Mr Saturn
The venue usually pays a subscription to record labels to allow covers to be done, then royalties are paid to the song writers.

If they are signed up, you can cover it note for note.

If they are not signed up, you shouldn't by law, but who is gonna report you. Unless you are recording this gig and are gonna make a lot of money off it, you're small fish to
record labels.

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Why the fuck did you purposely put this in the bass section?

Yeah, he posted it in the wrong section, but chill out, no need to be a penis about it. He'll get some good answers from here, there are a good number of gigging bassists about.

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