And I know its a similar instrument to the Electric Bass...
Does anyone here play? Is it worth it? I really want to start
Also. Are they expensive?
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The TalkBass forums have a section on DoubleBasses and UEB, you'd be best to ask there.
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My girl plays cello, hers was about £2500. That's a mid ranged one too.

My drummer used to play cello too. It gave him a good rooting to go into drums while still retaining tones :P

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I play cello. Its really fun to play, but it'll feel awkward at first after playing electric bass, as it takes more force to push down the strings, and as always with fretless instruments theres the problem of intonation. They are expensive, but you could pick up a fairly cheap one for around the £400 mark. Also, if you do eventually start to play the cello, you should try and learn the prelude from Bach's cello suite no.1, its great fun to play!
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arnt the strings on cello tuned fifths apart rather than the fourths apart on the guitar?
They're not all that similar in truth. The playing style is completely different and the tuning is completely different. I played cello and I didn't find it helped me with anything on the bass or vice versa.
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Yes, its tuned CDGA.

don't you mean CGDA?
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I don't think cello will help you in bass. But the more instruments you can play the more musically smarter get.
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I don't think cello will help you in bass. But the more instruments you can play the more musically smarter get.

and being musically smarter won't help you play bass.

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i used to play cello at school, i still have mine but i just dont haven't felt like pulling it out recently.(no puns intended). my parents bought my cello and it was about $1000 usd. thats the cost of a lower level cello. then there was the bow, that was another 150 usd. again low level. and the strings! god forbid you break that damn a string. 12 usd for a single string.

i think i stopped playing because of all the cost.
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