What High Gain amps (combo or head) are there for between £300 and £700ish?
Looking for:
-Good reliability
-Good tone
-Enough gain for a heavy Meshuggah/Sikth esque sound
-Able to use it a lowish volumes for bedroom practice, even if it sacrifices a little bit of tone. If not, will a THD Hotplate work well with it.

Will probably use it with a Marshall 2x12


Do you need crystal clear cleans?
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Not the RG50 TC for tone, it sounds like ass, muddy as hell i hate it. for 700 u can get some nice high gain amps used.
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you can definetly get a used peavey 5150 head on ebay for under £700
hell i saw one go for £400 the other week
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Do you need crystal clear cleans?

No not really. Brilliant if it does, but not fully nessasary