Things I have to offer:
Boss DS-1
Old Peavey Backstage Plus 35W. (Not great condition, works really well as a bass amp. Not good for much else.)
Kustom 10 Watt Practice Amp. Amp came in a package with my first guitar. Its actually not bad at all for a practice amp.. The cleans you get aren't half bad. You would want to use a pedal for distortion.

I also have a lot of non-guitar related stuff.
Gamecube with a few games.
A lot (I mean a lot ) of DVDs. Ask me for a list.
Tons of Books. (Again ask me for a list).

I'm looking for a Line 6 Spider of Marshall MG from 30W to 50W.
Other stuff I'm interested in are delay pedals.. Mainly a Boss DD-7, an ISP Decimator and Big Muff Pi. An cheapish bass would also be good.

If needed I'll take some pics and put them up.
Dude.... the Spiders and MG aren't worth it.
Sound is kinda crappy unless you have some good effects. (Spider III owner )
Squier Standard Telecaster.
Random Ibanez GIO superstrat
Takamine EG440C Maple Blue

Line 6 Spider III 30 w
Blackheart Killer Ant
Blackheart Little Giant

Line 6 Pod X3 Live
Line 6 Toneport UX-2
Are you trying to trade a distortion pedal for an amp?!
Call me Duncan.

Nearly always have D'addario EXL110 strings instock - just ask!

Custom made guitar slides available - choose the glass, length etc.. Engraving availible. PM or email for more info.


Welsh UG'er!!
Quote by IKnowItsWrong
Dude.... the Spiders and MG aren't worth it.
Sound is kinda crappy unless you have some good effects. (Spider III owner )

i also own a spiderIII, and to me they are the ultimate practice amps. i bought mine strictly for that purpose. i don't think the spiders are intended to be used as a "professional" amp. but with all the effects and the artist presets and custom song presets there alot of fun to mess around with, and really useful for learning new songs and practicing and they give beginners a good idea and a little expierence about effects and how they work (once again they're not the best but they're not intended to be). really great practice amps or amps for ppl who aren't tone freaks and just want the options of having alot of diff. sounds in one amp. i'm not just saying this because i own a spiderIII, i also own a mesa dual recto. and there is no comparison in terms of tone but hey whatever that's just my opinion on the spider's
Schecter Hellraiser
Schecter S1+
Schecter Gryphon
Mesa Dual Rec.
Avatar contemp. 2x12 w/V30's
Line6 Spider lll 75Watt Combo
WAY too many effects to list
Look in my sig, then pm me if interested.

Good deals: rok-en-rol, truespin, ICFootball62, IndianScout, tinypants, HartRacer86, Huntred_67, Perandor, and many others from HC
I've got a marshall MG30DFX with some sweet effects built in I've been using as a practice amp. I live in UK and i'm sure shipping wouldnt be too expensive. Looking to sell for cash though not trade if you're interested? Unless you've got any pedals or a crybaby?