So i've had myself a old crappy SP10 squier amp for personal use at home while i save up for a new amp and i gotta different amp for band practice. Anyway the metal circle bits that hold the lead tightly in place (around the input) in the amp came off a long time ago making the lead moveable in the amp and i didn't really think much of it since it still worked fine.
But while i was playing all the sudden the amp just stopped and i was like wtf? . I opened up the back to see that the cercuit board has a bit of a crack through it and it seemed to be the only thing damaged at all.. The crack came since the lead was putting pressure on the cercuit board since it was able to move around inside the amp (which made it kinda lean on the cercuit board).

Is there anyway to do a quick do yourself fix on this crack while i save up for the new amp, i can't really take the band practice amp home with me and im still a bit off the newer amp. The crack isn't that big but i don't really know that much on that side of amps so im not really sure. I know its crap but atleast it played.

Thanks alot!!
maybe you should have your local shop look at it. it should be easily fixed. you could do it at home, if you have the proper tools and knowledge.
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yeah your probably right. All the cercuits would have to be alinged and stuff. Aslong as it isn't costy it'd be sweet. Just trying to save up.