I want to tab The Scarecrow by Avantasia on Guitar Pro. I'm not very good ad Guitar Pro, but I have started to tab it. So far I have:

- Chosen the right tempo (I have played the track on Guitar Pro along the song in Winamp)
- Named all tracks with right musician names
- Added a few bass/drums/percussions/guitars/keyboard in the beginning

You can download my tab here: http://filebeam.com/1c916b64efffc425d029050493c3a756

I'm looking for someone that can continue this tab or help me to continue it since I'm not a very good tabber but I love this song and many people would like to have it tabbed. If you don't know this song, you can listen to it on Youtube :P

Yes this is the most famous Avantasia song and I have a lot of friend that would like to have this tab