ok ive been thinking of what a diffrence a volume makes on my sound, and i know in clean tones the louder you get the more air it pushes and it starts to saturate. the problem is i dont know what saturating sounds like, and i have a 100 watt tube combo an live in a apartment so its kinda rude to shake the whole complex. so my question is, can i get a just as good tone from a pedal like a tube screamer, and also does my lead channel with distorion saturate?
if you just practice with your amp, the most you'd ever need is maybe 1/2w if you are going to crank it. If you are playing in a band, you may need 30w. But 100w is rediculous. If you were ever playing a gig big enough to need the 100w volume, they would have a PA and you'd mic it up. I'm sorry but there is absolutely no reason to have a 100w tube amp- especially for praticing (It borders on insanity)
A 100 watt tube amp would do more than just shake the whole complex, it would probably knock it down. And I'm semi-serious :

I'm still waiting for the day I can turn my 40w to at least 3
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no it wont knock it over but it ****in hurts my ears and my apartment acts like a huge cabinet
100 watts is actually a really good idea, if you have a metal amp, like the powerball, and if you want the ability to have both brutal distortion and pristine clean. Everybody saying 100 watts is useless don't know enough about amps. Some amps (usually metal amps) allow you to drive the tubes while keeping the volume low, while the 100 watt also allows you to get pristine cleans when you need them. Class A and similar amps are the ones that behave the way you usually see mentioned here.
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if I'm sorry but there is absolutely no reason to have a 100w tube amp- especially for praticing (It borders on insanity)

fuck off.
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It would be more accurate to say that very few people need a 100 watt tube amp, and if you're practicing in your apartment you'd be better off with a very small, low power tube amp (or a good attenuator).
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