i know very little about effects pedals... i was wondering if pedals could be used for both guitar and bass. Also, what multi-effect pedal would be good for guitar and bass. i listen to heavy rock like a7x, disturbed, slipknot, sevendust, seether.
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i've used my guitar pedal setup on bass guitars... I noticed when I use the wah pedal on my boss me-50 i cannot get as much of a sweeping range... perhaps because the range is better suited for the guitar range, rather than bass. (the wah pedal on it is **** anyway)
My friend used my distortion pedal and it didn't sound too good because it was really trebly, so something like big muff PI would work because it has plenty of bass, and Cliff Burton used it!
Long ago I used to have a Korg A5 Bass.

I fished it out of the trashcan. It worked but some of the buttons didn't want to work so I removed the buttons and just press the little buttons underneath.

Anyway I played my guitar on it and it worked quite well. The difference I've seen between the bass and guitar version was that the bass has dyna-exciter button while the guitar has distortion and that sounded good with the guitar.