Any suggestions? currently we are the gods, but I think there is room for improvement.
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Of course I don't wanna go in the woods. There's bears in there.

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Jeff Ament is a sexy sexy beast.

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Yes. Chest hair = automatic awesome. Even if you're a woman.
The Yeomen
The Legendary Legends
The Norsemen
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i would pay more for a midget corpse than an average size corpse
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You should be called UFO.
I'm a Fire, and I'll Burn.Burn.Burn.
The Hyde Park Globe-Throwers?

The Frisbee ****-wits?
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Or the Discus Troops.

Or Peter Frisbeeman Griffin.

family guy is instantly the least funny thing in the world when you use it in real life.
"By" (I think that's how it's spelled). That way when other teams look at the schedule, they'll think they have a week off, and they'll forfet!
R.I.P. M.C.A.
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lushacrous loves you
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Don't be ludicrous, lushacrous.
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that joke regarding your username was NOT originally posted by blake1221. That was a Gunpowder original.