How do you change settings and have them ready? Sometimes when I play in church I notice the church's DL4 that my friend uses. I tried it and it was very confusing. When I get a tube amp, I'll have to use it for my delay. I need to know how to set it up.
When you find the setting you want, you hold down one of the three preset buttons until it starts flashing, then you release and it's saved.

The fourth button isn't a preset save, it's a tap tempo button.

You find your setting using the knobs. The far left is the kind of delay. The "Tweak" and "Tweez" are two different options that vary with whatever delay your using. Like, with Digital Delay + Modulation, you use the Tweak and Tweez to change the modulation sound. The manual tells you what the Tweak and Tweez options are for each setting.
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