After doing some research, I am a bit lost on where to look for a new guitar.

What I am looking for is the following:

A thin neck, jumbo frets ( or xjumbo), light weight, 24 frets on the next scale down from 25.5 ( forget offhand what it is), no more than 2 pickups.
Brands I would prefer, Ibanez, BC Rich, ESP. Needs to come under 500.00.

Looking for what real people think rather than what company, or dealer, sites say.

Thanks ahead of time, all input is appreciated.
Mostly mid-70's to late 80's hard rock, bands such as Iron Maiden, KISS, Twisted Sister, DOKKEN, etc.. Sometimes a little lighter stuff thrown in, Bread, Mama and Papas, etc..

I do own an Ibanez GSA60 at the moment, but not thrilled with having 1 bucker, 2 regular pickups. The neck seems to be a bit thick, my fingers are a tad shorter than most. Was told the bigger frets might help as well.