I have been playing for almost three years now and i feel as if i am way behind where i should be. I practice for hours a night. I can play only basic easy stuf. No leads or solos because i am not even close to good enough. I would like to be a lead guitar player in a band someday but at this point it seems impossible.
does anyone have any comments or advice
thanks alot
learn the notes on the fretboard, learn the pentantonic and blues scales, learn as many chords as you can. jam along on the scales all over the fretboard until you're comfortable playing them all over the place. If you can do that you should be good to go. (at the end of the day there's only 12 notes and they always repeat in the same order) 3 years isn't a lot of time to be playing also, you'll get better.
Sometimes you just hit a plateau in your playing..It took me a few months between not being able to play bar chords and finally being able to play them. Sometimes if you just take a short break and don't try so hard to learn something new, it comes naturally.
dont get your self down...ive been at this point many times....look for new music to play from other bands...make your own stuff....and try learning a few simple scales and jam with those......like if you got a mic and....i forgot the recording program that free....but record you playing like a simple power chord progresion ( a set of power chords) and try using the scales or even by ear solo over yourself...very usfull tool
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dude, subscribe to guitar world NOW!! each month they have different lessons for you to learn, that comes with a CD to play the videos on your computer. I know this sounds like a commercial, but I've had massive improvements from the very first one I got. I can play alot faster, Michael Angelo Batio does a monthly lesson, so if you wanna get your chops up his lessons are perfect.
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