alright so in a continuance from an earlier post, ive narrowed my search down to a set of DA's or GHS. now ive never used any ghs strings before so i dont know how well the quality will stand up to the daddario's, but the ghs set may be a better gauge for my play style (Deathcore-DropA/B), but only slightly. Its either:

D'Addario EXL116 XL Electric Guitar Strings Medium Top/Heavy Bottom
Gauges: 11 14 18 30 42 52


GHS GB-LOW Boomers Low Tune Electric Guitar Strings
Gauges .011 .015 .019 .33 .43 .53

my current gauges are 011, .014, .018, .028, .038, .049
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EB Power Slinky 11 Gauge is what I use and I do a lot of drop tunings - might want to consider

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GHS boomers are pretty much all I use for electrics, they sound good and stay sounding good for quite awhile. I'm pretty heavy handed and still rarely break them too.
You might want to go with a heavier gauge. I do '12s and I'm in D standard. My choice for the moment is GHS, and I've been happy with it for the last 8 years, but today I'm trying Slinkys.