I've got an SX Strat and a Vox Valvetronix AD15VT, and lately I've been experimenting with the built-in amp effects, seeing what matches my style of play. I generally play a lot more on my acoustic, so I tend to favor a mix of chordwork and lead.

I run the amp through a Big Muff Pi pedal, but I'm looking for a better lead tone... I've always had it on reverb+fuzz, but meh. Maybe I'm not doing it right. I've played around with delay+fuzz (only sounds good with low delay time), compressor+fuzz (good sustain, but I've already got a fuzzbox..), and just delay and comp by themselves.

Ideas anyone?
well phasers are always fun... go with Boss
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It all depends on what type of music ya play?

You said you've played with the delay settings, can I ask how do you find them? I'm looking to get the Edge sound from U2, his sound and playing is built around delay and I'm looking at various options, mainly the Boss DD-20 teamed with the Vox AD15 or 30. Can you advise on the delay of the AD15. also, do the AD15 and 30 have pretty much the same features?
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A boss DD3 will not add any character to your sound, so if you want a very unobtrusive delay, go for that. If you want warmer delay tones go for an analogue delay pedal. Delays are useful for bulking out or widening a sound.
There's a whole bunch of effects options on the AD15VT, flanger, chorus, etc.. i really only use delay/reverb/and comp. You can only pick one at a time though. I don't have experience with actual delay pedals, but for the built-in one there's a "tap" button (to select delay time from 1-1500 ms), and an "edit" knob you can set the mix amount and feedback.

And yea, I believe AD15/30VT are about the same feature-wise (except for a wattage selector for the 30)