Ok... So this comes across in quite a few Yngwie songs and I was wondering how you would do the fingering for it...


At a slow tempo I can easily do it like...

             [B]4    3    2    1[/B]        

But at a fast tempo it's pretty hard...
So ye thanks
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thats how you play it, just keep practicing and build up the speed slowly
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Or easier, you could play it on the B and G string.

Generally you can only decide things like this depending on what's around the phrase but seeing as how it's Yngwie I'm going to guess it's part of a run down the neck which means it probably has a position shift in it somewhere to make the next part of the run easier to play or move across the neck more; Yngwie does that a lot. If that's the case I'd probably make the position shift at the end as I find it easier to keep track of a position shift if it's on my index finder rather than the pinky.
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I'd play that how you do. Just work at it and eventually you will be able to do it faster.
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I'd probably either play the 17 and 16 on the G string and then 19 and 18 on the D string, or if context called for it, I'd slide on the G string. It depends.

i agree
am i wrong or is that "run" in A harmonic minor?
(just a thought)
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You play it the exact same way, just practice until you can reach the speed level.