I've just bough a Digitech Bad Monkey overdrive to boost my Fallen Angel's distorted channel and it sounds soooo much better.
Only problem is, when I switch to the clean channel the Bad Monkey stays on and distorts the clean channel and it sounds not very desirable to say the least.

Is there any easy was of switching the channel with my FA footswitch and the Bad Monkey at once (aside from using an awkward foot position to press both at once)?

Any help appreciated, thanks
Easier. You should only need to turn off the Bad Monkey for super clean parts. Set the gain all the way down, level all the way up. When you go clean, roll back the volume on your guitar. It cleans up nicely

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i've seen some people use a wooden block between two pedals so they can press it in the middle and they are both switched. try that.

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i just hit them both at once

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Hit your boosting effect immediately before you switch to clean. In a live mix, chances are nobody would notice..

Pedal working is a technique in itself lol...
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step 1: weight on your heels
step 2: press down on both pedals with your toes.
step 3: enjoy clean sound
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But yeah, like sg622 said, just put your weight on your heels and press them at the same time.
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I don't know if you've found the answer, but theres a Boss LS-2, you can two rigs set up and switch between.
Hmm, If you dont wanna volume knob it, switch off the boost right before you go clean. In a live setting no one will know

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dude sorry but this IS stupid seriously this isnt even a problem...i have jcm900 and a mxr boost/overdrive running over the dist channel....when i m soloing i have my dist channel one...the od on...ANd the boost on....so say i need to go from solo to pure clean...i need to switch of the boost...then the od...then the channel switch to clean but its not even a problem cause...it just isnt u just press then in the least obvious order meaning....u turn off ur bad monkey first cause the dist and dist+od isnt that different...then u switch to clean...simple dont create problems where there are none we have enough problems TONE-wise to complain about pedal switching ROFLMAO
and btw...clean with a od on it...even with the level maxed and gain all down...still isnt really clean so NO ur not getting away with it like that just do both pedals at the same time...OR OR...get famous and have a roadie do it for you ROFL
who cares what if it looks funny to the crowd, if it works to switch both pedals at once then do it
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yeah but SOMETIMES u can get a little pop if u do it the EXACT same time...just letting u know....of course yeah whatever sounds good to you
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If it's so important that they be switched at exactly the same time, get some sort of block of wood or something similar to span both switches, and step on that to switch simultaneously.
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you can build a new footswitch witch can switch a loop of FX on/of at the same time as changing channels

itll need an expensive switch though
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You could spend thousands of dollars on an uber-complicated Midi switching system and accomplish this.

Just a thought.
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