I'm good with effects and with my Zoom B2 I can make just about any sound, but when I want a clean sound I have no idea what tone, action, etc to use. Which noise suits which genre?
Try listening to some songs.
Reggae is clean and deep, Hardcore is deep and dirty but it all depends on the band
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well it depends on what genre you want to play. I suggest staying with a clean tone as thats good for most genres. There's way too many genres to list them all so ask for the ones you want tone tips.
reggae is the only genre that really requires a certain tone, a deep, almost subsonic boom, with just a tad of growl to help it stay in the mix.
it just sounds sad with a biting tone.
country tends to have a smooth thump, rock is preferably a thick low growl or a trebly bite, funk is a filtered, compressed bump, often factoring some fuzz too. fusion, in my opinion, sounds best with a fretless mwah and some chorus, and you can't sound fretless without a fretless. but all these are interchangeable, and you can use whatever tone you feel like for whatever.
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best metal tone is rex brown, lots of mids and highs(thats how i get it)
tho he uses valve amp and overdrives it.
there are loads of different metal tones.