sooo, how does one do this?
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you alternate pick one note very quickly
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I learned how to do it an unnatural way. What i did was downpick the low E string rapidly as fast i could, and i would start to hit it going back up. Once you do that for awhile, then you can control it. Another way is to just practice alternate picking and gradually get faster.
when you rapidly pick the string up down motions fast as possible once you can do it you can string skip and add economy picking to it
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Position your wrist over the bridge and pick the open E in 8th note triplets, start slow at about 60bpm, most Black Metal goes up to 120bpm. To achieve this speed pick only with your wrists, use a hard pointy pick and attack the strings on an angle.

If you want to do more middle-easternish sounding tremolo picking ala surf rock you wont have to pick that fast, but imho tremolo picking is most effect fast and palm muted.
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sooo, how does one do this?

Instead of holding the pick completely parallel to the string hold it at a slight angle away from the string. When you do this the pick rolls over the string more making it easier to pick it faster (and you get less annoying clicking of the pick attack).

Once you get the basic technique behind tremolo picking it gets easy really quickly, I could tremolo pick before I could properly alternate pick.