And I need an easy song to get used to. Looking for a bass mostly/only song if possible.
pulling teeth by metallica

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pulling teeth by metallica

haha, exactly what i was gonna say
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Californication bass is nice. It shouldn't be that hard but i don't play bass so just take a look.
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haha, exactly what i was gonna say

omg me too 3 in a row
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There are quite a few songs you can learn in the "I need songs to learn" thread in the bass forum. Reptilia is a pretty easy.
sweet emotion! i dont know, i refuse to play bass nowadays
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pulling teeth by metallica

that might be a bit fast. the main basslines 2 money by pink floyd, come as you are by nirvana, and killing in the name and guerilla radio by rage against the machine are fun and easy. i found all those tabs on UG.
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Californication bass is nice. It shouldn't be that hard but i don't play bass so just take a look.

I'm gonna go with this one. It's not stupidly easy; there is some challenge in it, and its a lush sounding bassline, so it should be fun to play. It's also a great one to show off to all your inferior non-bass playing noobs

you probably won't get it right first few times round, but there are easy bits to the song and hard bits to it; start with the bits that you can do and build around that. don't be afraid to shoot me a pm if you need a hand effendi
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Try starting out with stuff like Nativity in Black or Heaven and Hell (both by Black Sabbath). Sabbath has some wicked bass lines and they're relatively slow tempo, so they should be a good start-off point.
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Possum Kingdom by The Toadies. It's not fast, but it's steady 8th notes so won't be too boring either.
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