I've been recording in the studio and practicing with a peavey transtube for quite a while now. I think I bought in 97. It's just a small (25watt I believe) little solid state amp but it makes a wicked sound with the pre up. Anyway, recently my band has been interested in playing a few unusual venues where PA systems are non existent and we need to rely on our amps alone. I use a peavey valveking vk100 with a 4x12 cab (some thing im nuts but I actually like the sound and that's after hearing and playing many other amps including marshals oranges ect...). The valveking sounds great for much of the grungy rhythms and small leads but it doesn't get the 'scream' of the transtube for all out solos. If I can describe the transtube in one word it would be 'forgiving'. It's easier to play.

My question is, does anyone have anyway I can get the transtube howl/scream from a valveking? Any pedals that sound similar? Do you think i'd be able to get much more volume from the transtube if I played it through the 4x12? It's only a 25 watt practice amp?
It would be nice if there was a pedal that I can run through the clean channel of the VK so I can still keep the grungy rhythm sound then hit the footswitch to clean and click the pedal on for leads but i'll take any ideas to match the sound of the transtube.

Oh-I should add that before anyone tells me just to buy the 100 watt transtube, im not looking to spend anywhere near that much making the sound. Eventually i might pick up a used 100watt transtube but till then i'd like a cheaper option.
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they actually started making a pedal called a "tube screamer."


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