What Would the best USB Mic for recording Guitar, Vocals, Bass and maybe drums,
my price range is from about 000-150.
lol, about 000.... I had no idea there's actually good usb mics? Now I'm interested too..
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Well...the Samson CO3U is really darn versatile, with multiple pickup patterns so it can handle almost anything (though drums with one omnidirectional microphone is not as good as many mics on one kit). I've heard good results by fellow UGers on a guitar amp, and I've enjoyed its cardioid-only version the CO1 on vocals.

Still, getting an interface and good microphones is a better idea in the long term. A EV RE20/27 or Sennheiser MD421 can do (male, even screamo) vocals, guitars, kick drums, and bass at high levels without sweating it.
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