I'm planning on buying the Crate Flexwave 120w Head

And then hooking it up to a Marshall MG412 120w Cab

I was just wondering would it be compatible?
Would it work out with the crate head and the marshall cab?
And I'm worried that it will eventually fry the cab because the head and cab are the same watt level.

So should i stick with that? Thanks
inb4 amp bashing

Yeah, it'll be compatable. It probably won't sound great, but that's not what you're wondering so I'm not going to touch on that. Go with what you want. As long as you don't crank the amp, the cab will be fine.

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so what would sound better? im on a $600 budget and i need a half stack, but i dont wanna buy the marshall 100hdfx
Quote by dannyttran
so what would sound better? im on a $600 budget and i need a half stack, but i dont wanna buy the marshall 100hdfx

you don't need a half stack.
what type of music do you play? and are you gigging?
Oh, I figured you already had the cab and you were just going to buy the head. As Ghold said, what kind of music?

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and my 7-string Ernie Ball MM JP-7 build

yeah im gonna start soon. well i play anything from hardcore to poppunk, so somewhere in between would be good?
b-52 at112, randall rg50tc (might not give your pop punk). Try them both
the b-52 had better cleans imo, thus i got it.
you want a combo, all half stacks in your price range are going to be giant boxes of ****. And the MG cab is also a box of poop also.
I doubt you will fry the cab. 120watts is loud. If you are playing the head full tilt you will go deaf first probably. Which will solve the problem of a cruddy sounding amp.
seriously dude, just get a B-52 AT-112 combo. you honestly don't need a halfstack and i don't know why you think you do.
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What makes you think you need a halfstack?

(Might as well let him explain himself before we correct him, right?)
im going to start gigging soon, so i guess i need something pretty loud and durable.
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But i changed my mind, I'm probably going to get this now.

please don't get that. YOU DON'T NEED A HALFSTACK TO GIG WITH! The AT-112 is a MUCH better amp.
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I was looking at a friend of mines baby that was just born and I said "He's younger than me"

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how big of gigging venues do you think/know you will be playing? Unless you're working with a crappy PA setup (or a crappy soundtech) at a LARGE venue and you're just running your amp as the only source for your guitar/bass, then having a really obnoxiously loud setup is kinda pointless. You'll either put your amp at a low output level (and effectively never put to use most of the money you spent) or drown everyone out. And if you gig alot, you're going to find transporting this stuff tiring (especially if other people are using equipment that is smaller) you might have issues with your band-mates being upset about having to help you lug around your heavy more-than-necessary equipment over time.

Most places have PA systems, and so then even a small 25/30w SS amp works fine as a stage monitor. From there it could be mic'd or utilize a line-out on the amp, and go from there...

Best thing to do: go to some music stores and start familiarizing yourself with amps. Ask recommendations on amps, and check for reviews of amps. (I daily am checking things at harmony-central.com ) Experience is worth more than hearsay.

Hope this helps.

edit: also, "which should I get?" is subjective being that your asking other people's opinions on what you will like. between the three of us in the house that play and own instruments/equipment, we all own different things. even though we may play and have interest in the same things, if I asked my roomies what I should get their replies would be different than what I decided. One of them, is absolutely convinced that his guitar is AMAZING in every way, while the other guy and I agree it is OK, but that the sound is muddy as all hell. opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one.
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dont get a halfstack, that would be such a pain in the ass to carry around and its unnecessary for you to have. wherever your playing the most watts your gonna need at the most is around 65. any more you would want to leave the room. its too much. they will mic up your amp if you play somewhere with a big room.
I dunno, I have a tube combo thats a 2x12 and THAT is a pain in the ass to carry around. Seriously though, (to thread starter) almost everyone wants to get a halfstack but you'll be much happier in the long run if you get a combo. You can get a better sounding amp for your money. I mean, I know halfstacks look cool but is it really worth it?
I heard Crate is going out of business, so dont buy a crate...unless you really want a crate...then wait for their GOING OUT OF BUSINESS sale.
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Well its one of the V32's, its already been discontinued. I'm not saying he has to buy a crate. If he really wants a solid state halfstack, let him get one. I havent heard anything positive about the marshall MG cabs though.
I owuld think a combo will sound fine, a combo can get really loud, too. or, a small combo and a cab. but whatever, opinions are like hookers, everyone has one, and they all suck. if you want a half stack, go for it!!
Quote by dannyttran
its possible to hook a combo to a 412 cab?

yes, but if you think it will be louder, it won't be.
So I still want a half stack, idk, it just seems better looking to me ahahaha.

but for a pretty good distortion, anything from like alesana to all time low. (hardcore, screamo, poppunk, etc.)

should i get the

crate flexwave 120w head http://www.guitarcenter.com/Crate-FlexWave-Series-FW120H-120W-Guitar-Amp-Head-104322946-i1175924.gc

with the marshall 412 cab

or the

b-52 LS100 http://www.guitarcenter.com/B-52-LS-100-100W-Guitar-Amp-Head-104323696-i1322635.gc

with the marshall 412 cab

or should i just stick with the crate head and the crate cab that comes with it? thanks
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do you not listen

edit: this is getting pointless, you don't take any advice. But it's your tone, that will suck, not mine.
*leaves thread*
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dude the marshall mg/avt cabs are pathetic pieces of ****. you can get a way better cab for less $$ than the overpriced wal-mart special marshalls. like a hartke gh412 or crate gt412. i dont think crate makes the gt412 anymore so used maybe? or the hartke here:


hope this helps, just dont buy an mg/avt cab. **** speakers, particle board cabinet construction, no impedence selection, no casters even.... now compare that to the hartke or crate...

oh and btw, a 120w ss crate head really wont be all that loud. i had one..the amp WILL distort before it gets even close to being "loud". and be aware pushing the amp into distortion will destroy speakers just as fast as over powering the speakers themselves into distortion. i have a crate gt3500, 350 watts and it ALMOST gets to what i consider loud. but it too starts to distort. now my jsx, 120 TUBE watts, thats loud, really loud. tube power = no amp distortion.

so...wanna buy my crate gt3500h?
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