How do i strum this?
Finger picking it looks like. It doesn't have an x on the 5th string. But everyone else is right, just depends what situation you are in.
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finger this g-chord normal, just mute the a string with your second finger

Bingo. You can also lean your middle finger against it while it frets the 3rd fret on the 6th string.

EDIT: That is, strum it normally.
I'd mute the a string with my f finger . It's pretty simple to do.
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This is the standard way a lot of rockers will play an open G chord. By not playing the open second string, or the second fret fifth string, you dont' have any B notes in the chord. Because you don't have any B notes, it becomes a G power chord (the only notes are G, the root, and D, the fifth). A staple of AC/DC (I have a nice foto of Malcolm playing this chord shape).

Standard way of muting the fifth string is to lean your middle finger (which should be on the sixth string) against it. No need to do anything with the first finger.

If you really want to work this chord shape into your vocabulary, try practicing going from the open D chord to this G chord then back again, while leaving your ring (third) finger planted on the second string third fret -- don't lift it up while you change chords.
That's a rock G indeed. I play: 2nd finger playing the sixth and muting fitfth string, 3rd finger barring 1st and 2nd string. Works well for me when changing from open D to this G.
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