In the first bit.
I need help on:

How do you play the 3 on B and the 5 on A at the same time, Since theres no 0's that means you dont play the strings in between. Do you just like hit each one really fast, so it plays as one? <- If that makes a n y sense.

You could, as an alternative, just skip out on the 3. I usually do that on accident, and it still sounds fine.
Okay...that's a good idea. I just tried the hybrid picking, and that's hard to remember doing when your playing a song.
It's like patting your head; and rubbing your tummy kind of thing. Lol
He uses hybrid picking to play it.
These are arpeggios btw
The first is a funky D chord with added notes on the D and A strings.
The second chord is an F# Barre.

Hope this helps


^ and so on...

I would say that it sounds ike that... I'm not sure though...
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Arpeggios are chords that are broken up into single notes instead of strumed.

I suggest you go on youtube and search " Under the bridge lesson"

The first result will be John Frusciante playing the songs in a close up. That is how i learned how to play this song.

the intro is finger picked, not hybrid picked. on the BSSM album, the high d and c# were a second guitar. When he plays live, he uses finger picking and comes in with the pick for the rest. the lesson probably taught you all that though

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