Well, there isn't really a thread dedicated to them. They are so great. Very soulful, funky, and in my opinion, one of the few (or only) good thing coming out of pop music right now. Danger mouse is a genius.

Both albums are really, good. The first hit me right away. The second one didn't come on as strong for me, but it has really growed on me. Check out their new funny video for "Who's gonna save my soul now?"

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"Going On" is a mint song right now real fresh, like most of their stuff. weird they started out as a sort of novelty like people were like "U like that Crazy song?" "Oh yea, i know its weird and all but i like it". Sort of a taboo to listen to 'em But i say they're one of the more unique musicians right now
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I liked Goodie Mob a bit but Cee-lo got 'Eh' real quick. Danger mouse just doesn't do it for me. I love MF Doom but I really don't like Dangerdoom. If something can make me not like a artist I love that a pretty stong anti in my book.
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I love Goodie Mob and even Cee Lo's solo work, but Gnarles doesn't do it for me. I only really enjoy a few tracks.
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