any suggestions on an overdrive or distortion pedal to tighten up my sound? it needs to be able to handle from classic rock and blues to metal. basically, i need versatility, but i don't want it to sound like sh!t coming out of a solid state amp.

i have a traynor wr ycv 40. it's a great amp but i have found recently that the distortion is too fuzzy for my tastes. the 12ax7WAs are too saturated.

i love the sound of a cranked marshall and i have an EQ pedal that i've been using, but i still can't get a tighter, more defined crunch with some deepness that i'm looking for.

thanks for the help
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i use a tube screamer for classis rock tones and a metal muff for metal tones.
I'd take a look at:

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You might not want to hear my recommendation really, but if an amp isn't suiting you to at least 80%, buying pedals to "help" your tone isn't the way to go.

I would sell the amp for something better suited for your tastes. I believe an Orange Rocker 30 would suit you very very well, although it is a bit pricey.

If you insist on a pedal to tighten it up and make it less saturated but more clamping, I really like the Maxon line of overdrive pedals. I use the TS9, has more gain than the TS808 (which would probably be a better option for you), and has true bypass, and built like a tank. When used over a clean/mild gain channel it has a really creamy, lovely tone, when used over a dirty channel, well, it can give you a smooth singing lead to all hell breaking loose depending on the gain, guitar and what style you're playing.
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so you said the amp is to fuzzy so a big muff is definitely not the right way to go since it is a distortion/fuzz pedal. A tube screamer will be awesome fore classic rock and maybe for blues but there is no way you can play metal with it. you could try a Boss ds1 I personally just really dislike their sound but many people like it and it can handle a lot of different things. a couple of weeks ago I tried a nice pedal at GC, the DigiTech Hot Head Distortion Pedal it sounds really nice for the price 50 bucks really isn't too bad and I could get some really nice sounds out of it. My Personal favorite is the Proco Rat 2!!!! that is one amazing piece of equipment!! seriously it goes from blues to metal it's awesome!! It is more of a distortion overdrive pedal so you won't have that issue with fuzziness. you should definitely try that one out at your local shop it is more expensive but worth every penny!!!