What are characteristics most of your music taste share? Or what do you almost always love when you hear it?

Examples; odd voice, choir perfect voice, odd rhythms, sonnet-esque lyrics, ironic lyrics, over dubbed voices, beautiful guitar, technical guitar, drums, no drums, bass, piano? What do you like?

I'm confused as to what people enjoy especially when it comes to folk/indie.
Hell, as long as it's not emo or rap I'm pretty much fine with everything


Quote by JD267
Hell, as long as it's not emo or rap I'm pretty much fine with everything

So there is no tone of voice you prefer over another? You don't like loads of delay pedal or anything?
energetic rhythm sections, catchy sing-a-long jingles, roaring riffs.....gotta appreciate it all maaaaaaan
An unexpected instrument always keeps it interesting. I get tired of the same guitars/bass/drums setup. Throw in a piano or a banjo and mix it up.

It's also very important that the song tells a story. That's why I tend to find myself gravitating towards Dylan and Springsteen and modern artists like The Hold Steady.
Dynamics...if I'm skimming through the song and I hear the same apparent chord progression or a repetitive drumming pattern, I'll probably delete it. When i'm listening to hardcore music...i listen for breaks or bridges, they need to be overly different from the rest of the song, if the singer sounds like a typical subpop myspace artist, I'll pass.
Also technicality and creativity are important also; if it wasn't worth your time to record it, why would it be worth mine to listen to it?