Before this gets critiqued to hell, I just wanna say a few things

1. Its through a Line 6 Spider II lined into Audacity. Thus the ****ing abysmal tone. That's all being sorted in the next couple of months with new equipment though.

2. It's not a full song. I just needed to write a solo for my band, and as im currently the only guitarist I needed to check to see if the riff and the solo fitted. My band are kinda very keyboard orientated Melodic Power Metal with Classic Rock influences (think Power Quest crossed with the Darkness). We should have a couple of songs up this October.

3. I wrote it today so it's not polished, still a little bit sloppy in places.

Anyway, any improvements/additions you think I could make, or critism or whatnot would be much appriciated.

Its on my profile, Thanks
definately clean up the bending and vibrato. and it just sounds like your playing random notes. thing about what u want to achieve with the solo
i can see what you mean towards the end, but the first lick im pretty keen on, do you think that part sounds just like random notes? i can see what you mean about cleaning up the bending as well lol.
yeah, the techinques used need to be polished up, the tone needs to be re-vamped, and the timing is a bit off I think too. The rhythm seemed a bit bland/confusing, so that may have caused you to wander off timing-wise, but you need to use techniques you're 100% sure of, otherwise you're just doing things wrong. I'm not trying to put you down or anything, I'm being honest, and trying to help you improve. I kinda liked the notes you used at the end, if you added a few notes and spiced up the timing a bit on them, it could be a decent lick.

EDIT: It's ancient, but C4C?