Anyone ever played one? Ive been looking for a good cheap battery powered amp. Ive looked at some of the other high end stuff (micro cube, vox da5 etc.). And they look ok, ive played a micro cube and it doesnt have enough of a heavy OD/distortion (unless I was playing it wrong lol). I play metal, deathmetal, hardcore, lots of system of a down. stuff like that so it needs to have a decent OD or distortion

So Ive been looking at this one, which happens to be like 80$ cheaper than the micro cube, looks pretty promising, has an OD channel which is good enough for me.

Just looking for opinions, hopefully someones played one so I get a good idea what its like.


i own it. i got ****in pinch harmonics with it at full volume, which isnt that loud. runs on a 9 volt pretty good.
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its pretty fizzy, and cant get much of a decent tone out of it (its either dull or bright)

hell of a lot of fun though!

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