greetings all, i'm wondering if there are any good all purpose vst harmonizers, i would primarily use it with a guitar but maybe other things too depending on how much i start playing with it. any suggestions please let me know, thanks!
Could you just duplicate the track and use a pitch shift plugin on one of the tracks?
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Quote by nezv6
Could you just duplicate the track and use a pitch shift plugin on one of the tracks?

I don't think this would work because there are different tone and semitone intervals in a scale. So that would work for some notes but others it wont if you pitch bend the whole track. I don't know if you can pitch shift each note differently in the track.

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yeah I don't think you'll have much luck finding a free harmonizer, but there are many good ones for a price, like the ones suggested above.

If you tried duplicating the track and pitch shifting it, it wouldn't be diatonic, only a set interval (ie M3, what have you).
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You could look at the antares harmonizer. Also melodyne seems to allow for harmonization like that.
You could try just singing the harmony yourself? :L It will sound more natural.. Just takes some practice to get it right.
Eventide Quadravox (or Octovox) is a VST Harmonizer (up to 4 or 8 part harmony depending on the model)  It needs to know the key you are playing in as well as the scale  (Major, Minor, Mixolydian etc)