In a couple of days I am going to go to Guitar Center and if I play my cards right I will be purchasing a new guitar. So far Im pretty sure I am going to get a MIM Stratocaster with a Roland Micro Cube. If anyone could recommend some other gear in this price range?

Also I have never actually purchased such a big item from Guitar Center before. I bought my first guitar online so the only thing Ive ever bought from Guitar Center was a case for around $50. What are some things I should know if I want to come out of there with a great deal? Ive read one of the sticky threads about what to look for when trying out a guitar but thats all I really have used as a reference.

Any help would be appreciated.
Some people say go in looking for something cheaper, to make the impression you don't have enough, then let the salesperson show you what you want, and try and say you don't have enough, but "find" the extra money later.
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One trick is since you're buying off the wall. The guitar MAY have blemishes, even then say that its been played by tons of people before and try to get some of the price chopped off.
Does anyone have any recommendation of gear I should try out while Im there that is in my price range?
Ty to get some free picks and cables,

and dont buy into that" we check everywhere else for the lowest price."