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Underrated - Kim Thayil. Great and interesting use of different tunings etc
If you're judging him by his newer material, Zakk Wylde is definatly overrated, he has to **** off with the Smoke On The Water pattern...

Underrated/not so well known would be Doug Aldrich, what a beast.
Overrated= Slash, isnt even that great to begin with

Underrated= John Frusciante, mainly in his own solo albums.
Underrated: Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. Everyone thinks he is all about power chords and stuff like that but if you listen to songs like Dry Ice and The Judge's Daughter you will see that he can really play guitar.
Overrated: I never really liked Billy Corgan's playing and since i've seen him under the underrated category by some people i'm going to have to say he's overrated, in my opinion.

Underrated: Dave Knudson from Minus the bear.

Most Underrated band ever: Anal ****
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JIMI HENDRIX= (dun dun dune(sound effects) OOVVEERRRRAATTTEEDD
Overrated:Slash, Angus Young and his bro, Kirk Hammett, Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, John Frusciante, Kurt Cobain, Zakk Wylde.

Underrated: Ace Frehley, Marty Friedman, Jani Liimatainen, Kai Hansen, Bruce Kulick, Timo Tolkki, Sascha Gerstner, Dave Mustaine, Henjo Richter, Marius Pop, Kiko Loureiro, Michael Weikath, Chris Poland, Andrew Olbrich, many more
Well other than the people Guitar Hero got famous Angus Young sticks out in my mind as overrated

Some underrated would be Paul Waggoner, Frank Zappa, Phil Collen, Brian May, Neil Schon, Ace Frehly, David Gilmour, and Tom Scholz
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Overated: Jimi Hendrix (im not denying his greatness, I just think hes way overhyped)
Jimmy Page (Even though I love Led Zeppelin)

Underrated: Joe Perry, Ritchie Blackmore, and Johnny Ramone.
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Overrated-Jimmy Page,Yngwie Malmsteen,and Finally the guys from dragon force

Underrated-David Gilmour,Buckethead,joe Satriani,Santana
overrated- slash, joe satch, steve vai

underrated- synyster gates, michael paget (padge), jim root
overated - hendrix (i like his stuff, but he is still overated.)

underated - gary moore, george thorogood
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SLASH is the most over-rated guitarist going..

Why not listen to great guitarist such as Peter Lingeeren OR Fredrick Akersson. whoa re afew of my hero's.
Under rated (Agree with lots so far):

For me every member of the band Thin Lizzy during it's live and dangerous tours are vastly under rated. Both Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham are great on lead guitar and Phil Lynott is one of my favourite bass players (aswell as writing some legendary songs). If you haven't saw footage of the band during this era you can watch them live at the rainbow theatre on youtube (I recomend the whole gig .... loud)

Also I think that Slash is over rated since the release of guitar hero, but before that he would have been listed as one of my under rated.
Overrated: Slash (REALLY overrated, especially since GHIII came out, everybody at my school has been worshipping his dick and people at my school only go for bands with LOOKS, but slash has looks and skill, its just not enough actuall skill to be considered an actual influence), The Edge (Not as overrated but still sorta, and thats coming from a frequent U2 listener), Zakk Wylde (You'd think he'd get tired of doing the same old pentatonic solos for like the past decade at EVERY show), Alexi Laiho (I'm sorry but I really don't like Children of Bodom), and MAB and all those super shredder-one-trick ponies.

Underrated: Malcom Young, Glenn Tipton and KK downing (I'm a serious JP fan, so of course I'm gonna put them both as underrated), Marty Friedman, George Thorogood, Billy Gibbons, Eric Johnson, Prince, George Benson, and Wyclef Jean (Now THAT'S a guy who can rap really well and actually PLAY a guitar)

Another overrated player would have to be Dimebag (RIP for his untimely death, but I'm soooooo sick of everybody mentioning him in almost 2/3rds of their posts) Yes, he's excellent and all but seriously, let it rest.
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I know I already posted in this Thread but....

Eddie Hazel, underrated

I just listened to the maggot brain album for the first time and my jaw dropped when it was over

FINALLY somebody mentioned someone who worked with George Clinton.

Bootsy is also an underrated Bass player.

We need more funk players in the universe.

Also, Mike Oldfield is underrated, I mean he came up with serpent dream, that a genius song in the spanish guitar department.
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I think Eddie Van Halen and Zakk Wylde are pretty overrated..

Pat O'Brien is underrated (there's a video of him playing in the studio on youtube, people continue to say it's sped up)
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overrated: i would say slash but he did make some serious badass music so i'd say dimebag (i know i'll get **** for that) and brian may

underrated: doug aldrich
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Overrated : Jimi Hendrix for reasons that have nothing to do with his regular guitar playing which was innovative indeed.

" Hendrix is a genius, he played with his teeth!!!!!!"
"Oh my god, jimi set his guitar on fire, WOWWWWW!!!!!!! "
"Oh wait what is he doing with that tuner ?........... Oh my god, Jimi just tuned his guitar while playing live !!!! What a genius!?&*(!&"?*!(!!!!!!

Hendrix is very overrated by people don't know much about guitar playing. I admit, I grew up thinking he played with the strings upside down.
overrated : herman li(he sucks live and plays all the time randomly),Kirk Hammet(he is good but not the best as many people think )

underrated:Chris Broderick,Marty Friedman,Mark Morton
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overrated- slash and zakk wylde. slash has been up to the same tricks for over 20 years now. it's a great trick, the whole blues meets hard rock thing, but aside from a few great Gn'R hooks, he's pretty replaceable. zakk hasn't done anything inventive since his days with ozzy, and lately all of his solos have sounded like the same pentatonic and blues scale run. yeah, he's hell on wheels with the pentatonic, but goddamn, how about a little melody with all those perfect intervals?

underrated- so many, but i'll cast a vote for my favorites, the 6 string slingin' due from in flames, and in particular Jespar Stromblad. their guitar work has been unique, relatively advanced technique-wise, heavy as lead balls, and highly melodic. slash is a household name, but even amongst guitar players here, how many of you could name the other equally deserving guitarist from in flames?
Underrated: Malcolm Young and all the other super humble rhythm players that get next to no credit.
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Syn is a trendy, generic emo/metal guitar player that got lucky and landed in a band that is in their 15 minutes of fame right now. Jimmy Page revolutionized guitar playing. Better switch those labels kid.

Jimmy page is a load of crap. Definitely one I consider far overrated.

syn really isn't really that trendy either...nor in anyway emo?

I wasn't going to use him as an underrated guitar player, but he actually is, especially if people think what you stated. I suggest listening to some of his work, and re thinking that one buddy.
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Overrated - Jimmy Page

Underrated - Shawn Lane, Tony MacAlpine and Mikael Akerfeldt.

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Jimmy page is a load of crap. Definitely one I consider far overrated.

syn really isn't really that trendy either...nor in anyway emo?

I wasn't going to use him as an underrated guitar player, but he actually is, especially if people think what you stated. I suggest listening to some of his work, and re thinking that one buddy.

I agree that Brian Hanner is a respectable guitarist with great chops, as would be expected by a Juliard grad, not just the product of a lucky break...

...but you should be put out of your missery for your coments towards Jimmy Page.
Overated- Slash (great but more known for his hat and image), Eddie Van Halen (he's great but from people I know they only like his tapping in Eruption) Zacky Vengeance (chicks think he's hot, they don't even care about his playing, which isn't so bad in my opinion)

Underrated- Synister Gates (he's pretty good but people hate him for being in A7X, which I love ) Buckethead (He does to have emotion in his music ), Brian May (Most people I know only know who Freddie Mercury is)
Tom Morello - Just, over-rated. people think he's much better than I, at least, think he is
This also applies to
Kirk and James from Metallica
Most nu-metal guitarists and melodic metalcore guitarists (sweeping statement yes, but none of them do anything origional or interesting and people think they're so amazing)
Randy Rhoads
Zak Wylde
Herman Li

Sam Totman
Paul Masvidal
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IWhat he said.. and then some
The Jonass Brothers. Possibly the worst guitarists ever to get a record deal.
Kurt Cobain

Herman Li and Sam Totman. I'm not saying that they're the best guitarists, but they get alot of hate just because of a few of shows where poor setup meant they couldn't hear their own guitars, and that got blown way out of proportion. They now have in-ear monitors and are much better live now. I'm seeing them in November. Sam is even more underated, he writes most of the stuff in DragonForce.
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Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell
Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi)
Phil Colin (It was all about Steve Clark in Def Leppard)
Neal Schon (Journey)
Ace Frehley (Kiss, Solo)


John Sykes (Whitesnake, Blue Murder)
Michael Schenker (UFO, Scorpions, MSG)
Mike McReady (Pearl Jam)
Angus Young (I don't think anyone realizes how much AC/DC's done for rock guitar anymore)
I believe that John Mayer is an overrated guitarist. True, I do enjoy playing and listening to his music, but he receives far too much publicity and praise for playing skills that I have heard from countless other guitarist. I am not that his is not good. I am just saying that John Mayer is overrated.

I also believe that Sungha Jung is an overrated guitarist. Yes, he is a child prodigy, but his covers on youtube are so-so. He is not a bad guitarist, but I think much of his popularity stems from the fact that he is so young. Were it an older person playing like him, I do not think that they would be as popular.

I believe that Ryan Cabrera is an underrated guitarist. He is not the best I have heard, but he can play some nice licks. He is actually very good. It is too bad that not many people tab his music.
for all those dumping on kirk hammett
listen to the solo 4:55
this is a soulful solo
maybe he uses a little too much wah but
dimebag's tone was awful and hendrix ****ed around too much
cobains stuff was simple and herman lee's solo's have no substance UNLIKE this one