funny little story about my day...

so me and my friends were bored in my neighborhood so we went into the woods and found an old crappy wheelchair there. obviously we couldnt let this pass by us, so we took the wheelchair to my house and fixed it up, then started our own extreme sport, wheelchair boarding. it is a mix between wheelchairing and wakeboarding. what you do is you tie a towrope behind a golfcart and onto the wheelchair, and have the golfcart go full speed and do a lot of turns in a grassy area and go off ramps and see how long you can stay on. of course i had to be the first (and later to find out only) one to try this, and the golfcart made a sharp turn and i started drifting. i drifted right into a ditch and the wheelchair flipped multiple times and i think my shoulders broken bc its been killing me but im afraid of hospitals, and i have cuts all over my arms and legs. the wheelchair was totaled. was it worth it? yes.

please keep in mind that the wheelchair was broken and in the woods, completely useless, i didnt steal it from an innocent old man or anything.
my life pretty much consists of tying a rope to a car and then having it drag me around on something with wheels.

so i don't care. just go to the dam nhospital
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dude, you have a camera, go kick some people in the nuts and run
I heart wheelchairs.....
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Hey! Now you can molest you're grandma and she won't remember! Score!!!

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