Ok, I'm rather new to playing guitar period (only about 3 months really) so try not to be too harsh. The melody is just something I wrote as 'homework' for my guitar lessons. Thought I would post on here to see what anyone thinks. I'm open for suggestions on how to clean it up / make it more rhythmic. The recording quality may not be that good either since this is my first time trying it out.

Melody is just a 7 second section, nothing to fancy. It's in my profile (the only one there) and if I figure out how to embed it on here later I'll do an edit. Thanks guys.

maybe this will work: Sample Melody 1
hmmm..what about adding palm mutes?
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hmmm..what about adding palm mutes?

hmm.. maybe, i'll give it a try. Although I'm not sure how palm muting will sound without distortion? Anyway, I'll give it a try to see and find out