Just out of curiosity. I do

And..I was wondering....is it hard to learn chords and stuff?
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I was wondering....is it hard to learn chords and stuff?

Why? Are you retarded or something?

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Inb4 hendrix.

Double lol.
One at your reply, one at your sig.
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Why? Are you retarded or something?.

Chord box diagrams are backwards to us lefties, makes things a bit wierd haha.
i went to an erick clapton concert and the blues guitarist guy they had there was playing a lefty, but was playing on a right handed guitar without the strings flipped. That must be weird having inverted strings
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Reported Ava

-.- Im new ok? Im just learning.

lol dont bother reporting that... thats not really flaming. hes just messing around

now when you ask if its hard to learn chords, do you mean in general or for lefties?

If you mean learning chords in general, why dont you just try it out?
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Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), Jimi Hendrix (The Jimi Hendrix Experience), Zacky Vengeance (Avenged Sevenfold), and Paul McCartney (The Beatles), to name a few. And no, it's not harder if your using a left handed guitar or a right handed guitar strung backwards.
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Why? Are you retarded or something?

Double lol.
One at your reply, one at your sig.

sure are alot of fukin dick heads on this site aint there. kid asks for help, so you be a dick to him... seems like you're the ****n retard. or something.
I play lefty and have had no problems. Only somewhat difficult thing for me was looking at scales and playing them backwards.
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Why? Are you retarded or something?

Double lol.
One at your reply, one at your sig.

Good man.
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I'm lefty, and it's not really a problem from a playing point of view... the one thing that gets me about it is that it's a lot harder to find the guitar you're after since the majority of guitars are right-handed. Can do a Hendrix and flip the strings, but it's often not pretty... got tone/volume dials and/or switches in the way. One thing I do like about right-handed guitars, though, is the position of the tremolo arm. I prefer it above the strings instead of below. That's easily remedied by getting a right-handed tremolo (cheaper) and putting it into a left-handed guitar though.
You just gotta learn to transpose the chords in your head. A good trick for scales is draw em out tab style on a thin piece of paper flip it over and trace the lines now its lefty.
i'm left handed on bass but i will mess around with chords and notes on my dads guitar(also left handed)

i only found it hard to read chord and note books at first because everything was somewhat backward but you will get used to it
if it's hard to read chords, they have books that show them for left handed guitarists.
I am. Being a lefty sucks. You get to choose from about 50 guitars on a website, with less than half of them actually being good and even less being affordable. Music stores are worse. the one near me only has one left handed instrument and it's a bass. :|
I use my left hand then I play. Does that count?
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Being a lefty sucks, the chord diagrams are inverted and everything, our selection of guitars is so much more limited. I need at least $4000 to get a Basic Gibson Explorer, because it would have to be custom made, that's why I am going with a gaskell instead
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Right is the same as left.


Want good music?

Chord diagrams are reversed....
I'm taking guitar in high school right now, and am the only left handed one in my class, it's hard to learn in a backwards world... teacher often forgets to let me know when things would be different for me:P
Well, you know what I mean.

Nothing is different besides the fact you have to use different hands and finger positions.
As much as I hate being a lefty for practical reasons (chord diagrams, finding a damn guitar, etc..) I really enjoy being a rarity. I love playing with new people and having them be like "oh look hes a lefty". Helps you stand out from the crowd a little. And besides, no one else can get their grubby hands on your axe because they cant play it.
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i do! it sucks because its so hard to find a lefty bass period never mind a good one.
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sure are alot of fukin dick heads on this site aint there. kid asks for help, so you be a dick to him... seems like you're the ****n retard. or something.

I only have problems reading chords sometimes, what i do is write them first if its a hard one...

I could have played the guitar using my right hand but I am really a lefty, when i write, when i eat, etc. and I love the uniqueness of it! That is why i stick with it
I'm a female left handed guitarist.
I find the fact that lefties have like no guitar selection upsetting. All we get are either marked up variants of the most popular models and obscenely expensive custom orders. But there's just something awesome about seeing a lefty guitarist on-stage. Sometimes I feel I should have learned to play righty, and I borrowed my friend's Strat to try learning after buying a lefty guitar, but it just wasn't working. My right hand just can't strum. So while my guitar selection is sorely limited, I'm proud to be a lefty guitarist.
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Like most Lefties, I've had to adapt to playing Right Handed, because find a KE1 is hard enough, and a Lefty Version would have to be a very rare Jackson Custom Shop request.
I just look at the individual notes and figure out some way to make the chord ring. It's ridiculously easy for something like A minor, but the way I learned it was to find an A, find a C, and find an E. It was up to me to figure out how to make them sound. Am is a bad example, but that's how I learn chords. If nothing else, it makes it easier to learn the fretboard.

Edit: being a lefty sucks.