I need to find a song for me and my sister to perform, me playing acoustic and her singing, and we really need to find a song to perform, we tried tears in heaven but it was too low for her to sing. So i was wondering if you guys could recomend me a good song that has a realativly high vocal part and thats kinda like tears in heaven, if not just throw some good acoustic songs with a high vocal range.
Do nutshell...Alice In Chains...I dont care if your sister cant sing it...do it anyway!

Ill sing it for you if you want.

EDIT: Or Knife Party by deftones...or Mexico by Incubus.
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Sitting Waiting Wishing by Jack Johnson
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that green gentleman by panic at the disco
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^ yeah thats a good song to do or nine in the afternoon.

Why not ask your sister what song she can sing really good then you can learn the acoustic version of it.
burn one down by ben harper!!!!!!!! he sings pretty high and its an awesome but easy acoustic song. if not then flake by jack johnson or maybe taylor
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