so my guitar store just got in a couple michael kelly guitars, specifically a patriot black, and i really loved it so i put some money down on it and put it on layaway

but just today i went in there and i saw a vex deluxe and tried it out. it was awesome and i liked it so much more than the PB. but then i tried out the patriot again and it was just as good.

i wouldnt mind getting either but i just want to know peoples opinions on these two fine guitars.

my band plays hard rock some heavy songs. i like to play heavy metal so a guitar like that would be awesome and im certain both of these guitars can do all i need.

i just need a review on durability. and such.

please dont suggest other guitars unless you are certain they would be better than one of these two guitars.

thanks in advance.

I would just try both guitars side by side and see which one calls out to you the most.

I have a Michael Kelly Hybrid, and it is a spectacular guitar. No durability issues at all (and mine is a B stock).
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