Well, there've been a few older PC games that I wanted to play on the computer, but my parents don't want me to fill up the hard drive, so, I was wondering if it is possible to put games on this:
We got it a while ago when our other computer was starting to fill up, but never really used.
So, can you put games on it? If you did, would they run incredibly slow, or work fine? I'm only planning on playing some older games, nothing too big.

So, will it work?
It would work, but you would have to re-install them on the drive (you can't just copy them there else the registry won't find the keys and all that crap). It would definatly be slower though. You could also buy another hard drive for like 150 bucks that would contain about... 500 gigs.
It should be playable, depending on how fast the connection between the drive and the computer is...

I guess it depends on the game, too.

Dragonforce? I don't even know what that is. Isn't it that Japanese card game "Dragon Force Z"?
It should be fine for some older games. I play lots of games off my USB hard drive and they run fine (most intensive one was FEAR and it ran the same as it did on my internal HD).

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